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Welcome to the Eyvor Institute. We conduct Analysis on the Potential and Impact of Technological Innovation for Security, Development, and Environment Challenges.

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SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

11 Apr 2021 SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

The exchange of information between the commercial sector and the defense and security sectors is more important than ever. This meeting encourages leading researchers and engineers to share emerging technology in sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR, AI/machine learning, and more. Conference program tracks, topics, and application areas: MATERIALS AND DEVICES Single photon sources and detectors, image sensors, spectroscopic instrumentation, energy harvesting systems, and quantum technologies Applications include low-light imaging, free-space communications, energy generation and storage, cybersecurity and cryptography, time-of-flight imaging, and drone-mounted sensing, imaging and detection IMAGING AND ANALYTICS Spectral imaging technologies and algorithms; big data, [...]
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