Adam S. Cumming

Associate Editor at Propellants Explosives and Pyrotechnics

Dr. Adam Cumming is currently Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh. He joined the Ministry of Defence (MOD) research in 1976 and has worked on energetic materials since then. He was Capability Advisor to MOD, based in the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) until 2014 and involved with NATO Science and Technology, leading teams examining Demilitarisation, the Environment and Greener Munitions. He is an established world expert in the field with current particular interests in environmental issues and in the design of new materials.

Blog posts by Adam S. Cumming

Armed forces countries possess and use large quantities of munitions. Civil authorities, such as space agencies, also use quantities of energetic materials. The production, use, and disposal of these materials make a contribution to the overall environmental impact. Handling of munitions with energetic materials requires...