Emerging Technologies and Terrorism

Impact of Open Innovation on Terrorist Threats and Countermeasures Periods of open technological innovation present intriguing opportunities, but also harbor pronounced societal instability to which security agencies continually have to respond.Failing to acknowledge the broader societal context of technological innovation by private and public players and across a wide spectrum of political and economic sectors can result in being ill-prepared for how future terrorist actions may unfold. Emerging technology options to pre-detect and counter terrorism Rapidly advancing technological innovations in counterterrorism (CT) and the associated societal and legal reconciliation requirements are creating new challenges. With the advent of new technologies, both the scope and range of terrorism and the means to combat it are expanding, challenging CT-strategies and existing regulations. It is apparent that new CT-technologies and the ways in which people form intentions to adopt or reject such technologies have not yet been adequately explored. Prospective assessment of the viability of emerging technologies for terrorist operations Part of the wide-ranging impact of technological advances is their potential to increase the asymmetric offensive capabilities of terrorists who display increasing technological sophistication and striking power. Inclusive foresight measures can be crucial to anticipate, adapt, be resilient, and ultimately prevent misuse of emerging technologies How terrorists innovate:
A discourse on potential drivers of terrorist organizations' technological innovation processes
While there is a pronounced awareness of the potential threats posed by new technologies with respect to terrorism, there is still little knowledge about how terrorists innovate technologically, what factors drive them to do so, and what indicators might help forecast their trajectories toward innovation.
Evolving Threats, Evolving Security Requirements in an Age of Open Innovation Emerging Technologies and Terrorism

We are entering an era of hybrid opportunities and threats generated by the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and other powerful dual-use technologies, with implications for nearly every aspect of daily lives. The convergence of AI and affective computing, cyber and biotechnologies, robotics and additive...

A blog about how advances in science and technology are changing and reshaping the terrorist threat landscape. The blog, at the same time, addresses the new opportunities that these scientific and technological advances are expected to bring about to counter these risks, and is looking more specifically at governance strategies for emerging technologies to prevent and manage terrorist threats.

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