Greener Defence Outlook

In recent years, many nations have developed and implemented green solutions for defence. Optimisation of energy, water and waste management are current focal areas of such efforts, together with catalysing developments of more environmentally conscious materials and munitions. Yet the military is currently engaged in...

Energy harvesting has been attracting attention as a technology that is capable of replacing or supplementing a battery with the development of various mobile electronics. In environments where stable electrical supply is not possible, energy harvesting technology can guarantee an increased leisure and safety for...

Due to limited energy sources and growing concerns about environment, secure, safe and sustainable energy has become one of the Grand Challenges at the global level. Likewise, in many other aspects of life, energy is crucial for military forces. In parallel to the changing nature...

Technology forecasting is to find the systematized knowledge applied to manage technology efficiently in the future. Using the results of technology forecasting, we can do many important works in management of technology (MOT) such as technological innovation, technology valuation, road-mapping, new product development, etc.. In...

Greener Defence Outlook – Linking green technologies and concepts to real-world security challenges. Expert technology analysis and news related to ‘greener military’ approaches from Eyvor’s staff and affiliated experts.

The blog is edited by: Georg Mandelhoff and Roman Kernchen.

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Editor of the blog

Georg Mandelhoff
Senior Research Associate

Dr. Georg Mandelhoff is leading the Emerging Technology Monitoring at Eyvor Institute. His research interests include strategic foresight studies and innovation policy. Georg Mandelhoff holds a Diploma in Mathematics from Leibniz-University in Hannover, a Master of Business Administration from Open University and a PhD in Strategy and Innovation from Georgia Tech University. He is currently also working as Innovation Manager with AXA Group.

Roman Kernchen
Scientific Director

Roman Kernchen is scientific director at Eyvor Institute. Currently he is also a visiting associate professor at Satbayev University. He received his Ph.D. (Dr.rer.nat.) from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Bonn and then held permanent academic positions at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Technological Trend Analysis. His current research interests centre around data-driven approaches for risk forecasting and analysis. He is especially interested in assessing climate change risks and vulnerabilities to businesses and industries, regional security, and sustainable development. Topics of interest include innovation research, risk studies, technology options assessment, data mining, topic analysis, security studies, and governance of emerging technologies.