Past Events

2021 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC 2021)

10 Jun 2021 2021 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC 2021)

The European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) is Europe's premier conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics. We are thrilled to announce that EISIC 2021 will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this premier conference series. EISIC presents the best of current Intelligence and Security Informatics research and practice, emphasizing the development, use, and evaluation of advanced information technologies, including methodologies, models and algorithms, systems, and tools, for local, national and international security-related applications. The conference promotes multi-disciplinary collaborations between researchers and developers from areas such as engineering, computer science, psychology, criminology, crime science, law, privacy and ethics, jointly with law [...]

4th International Conference CBRNE Research&Innovation 2021

18 May 2021 4th International Conference CBRNE Research&Innovation 2021

The last 20 years have demonstrated that both military and civilian populations could be exposed to highly hazardous CBRNE agents following conflicts, natural outbreaks and disasters, industrial incidents or terrorist attacks. Worldwide, research, responders and industrial capacities have been engaged to provide adapted answers to these challenges. The conference is organized by CEA / Agence Innovation Défense.   Program DETECTION - IDENTIFICATION Field sampling & analysis Detection technologies Forensics Explosives PROTECTION - DECONTAMINATION Human & environmental Infrastructure Smart textiles & surface Skin, wounds, hair & eyes MEDICAL COUNTERMEASURES Epidemiology - Health surveillance Drug development Comprehensive approaches Diagnosis - Biomarkers RISKS [...]

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

11 Apr 2021 SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

The exchange of information between the commercial sector and the defense and security sectors is more important than ever. This meeting encourages leading researchers and engineers to share emerging technology in sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR, AI/machine learning, and more. Conference program tracks, topics, and application areas: MATERIALS AND DEVICES Single photon sources and detectors, image sensors, spectroscopic instrumentation, energy harvesting systems, and quantum technologies Applications include low-light imaging, free-space communications, energy generation and storage, cybersecurity and cryptography, time-of-flight imaging, and drone-mounted sensing, imaging and detection IMAGING AND ANALYTICS Spectral imaging technologies and algorithms; big data, [...]

SRA Annual Meeting 2020

13 Dec 2020 SRA Annual Meeting 2020

Virtual SRA Annual Meeting from December 13-17, 2020, the premier opportunity to discuss all avenues of risk analysis with other risk enthusiasts from around the globe. Thematic focus is “Risk Science for Sustainability”

Norwegian Risk Forum 2020

22 Oct 2020 Norwegian Risk Forum 2020

Norwegian Risk Forum constitutes NRCI’s annual international conference in Oslo since 2010. This is the only conference in Norway examining geopolitical risks and international business opportunities. Exclusive and intimate high-quality event where decision makers and business leaders experience focused and informative presentations and engaging panel debates. Norwegian Risk Forum held entirely in English fosters a deeper understanding among leaders from industry, finance, academia and diplomacy for how geopolitical risks impact international business opportunities around the world.

Climate Risk Virtual Week

12 Oct 2020 Climate Risk Virtual Week

Climate Risk Virtual Week. Measuring, managing and mitigating the threat from climate change. Climate change will reshape every aspect of the global economy, from politics to migration, financing to supply chains. Markets are demanding greater transparency on the climate risks that firms face. So, too, are regulators: in 2019 the Bank of England announced plans for climate stress tests for banks. Such demands will only increase. Over five days, The Economist will ask what role governments and central banks should play in embedding climate-change data into financial decision-making. How can companies overcome the first-mover disadvantage associated with publishing their risk [...]

DGCN Jubiläumskonferenz: The Decade of action. Business Leadership in challenging times

30 Sep 2020 DGCN Jubiläumskonferenz: The Decade of action. Business Leadership in challenging times

Das 20-jährige Jubiläum des UN Global Compact (UNGC) und des Deutschen Global Compact Netzwerks (DGCN) fällt zusammen mit einer der gravierendsten Krisen der letzten Jahrzehnte, der COVID-19-Pandemie, deren gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen aktuell noch schwer abzuschätzen sind. Wir gehen zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt davon aus, dass die Konferenz am 30. September 2020 im Allianz Forum als Teilpräsenztreffen mit Videoübertragung stattfinden wird.

10th Annual Global TechMining Conference (GTM2020)

20 Aug 2020 10th Annual Global TechMining Conference (GTM2020)

Big Data Driven Tech Mining and ST&I Management. The focus of GTM2020 is to engage cross-disciplinary networks of analysts, software specialists, researchers, and managers to address such challenges and advance text-data-driven solutions for ST&I management.

AuxDefense 2020 – World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense

6 Jul 2020 AuxDefense 2020 – World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense

AuxDefense 2020 focuses on advanced materials research in the forward-looking enabling R&D domain where the intersection of key technologies in areas such as nano and microtechnology, biotechnology, sensor technology, stealth materials, smart materials and structures, and energy generation and storage are being explored.

Intelligent Decisions Technologies (IDT) Conference 2020

17 Jun 2020 Intelligent Decisions Technologies (IDT) Conference 2020

The field of Intelligent Decision Technologies is interdisciplinary in nature, bridging computer science with its development of artificial intelligence, information systems with its development of decision support systems, and engineering with its development of systems. The Intelligent Decisions Technologies conference will consist of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, invited sessions and workshops, on the applications and theory of intelligent decision systems and related areas. It will provide excellent opportunities for the presentation of interesting new research results and discussion about them, leading to knowledge transfer and generation of new ideas.

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